The Message: A Guide to Being Human



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LD Thompson
Publication Date
April 1, 2011
5.25 x 8 inches
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Soul: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life


Your life has been designed by your Soul.

The more you listen to your Soul and act upon its values and urgings, the more graceful and joyous your life becomes. With powerful recommendations on how to achieve greater awareness of your Soul’s curriculum, The Message: A Guide to Being Human is an indispensable source of wisdom for seasoned spiritual practitioners and new seekers alike.


About the author

LD THOMPSON was born in Indiana and educated at Indiana University and Alaska Pacific University. In his twenties, a profoundly mystical experience commenced his spiritual journey. As a result, he dedicated his life to deepening the transformation that he experienced, and to integrating the knowledge and wisdom he received. LD travels the world working with individuals, groups, and corporations in the US, Australia, Japan, Germany, and England, as a teacher, advisor, and counselor. LD currently balances his time between the California desert and an island in the Pacific Northwest.



“In The Message: A Guide to Being Human, LD Thompson has given us one of the most relevant books for these times; a must-have guide. In concise, clear, and inspired language, he speaks to the heart of our real human challenges and gives a gift of wisdom . . . soothing our fears, dispelling confusion, and making clear the profoundly simple way forward for us individually and collectively. This book is never far from my desk or bedside. I love it.”
—Lenedra J. Carroll, Author of The Architecture of All Abundance


The Message: A Guide to Being Human is a master class for personal and global transformation. It is filled with powerful lessons to navigate the changes we are all experiencing inside our minds, our hearts… and our world. I was deeply moved by the skill and patience that led me to a shift in awareness that literally changed my perception of reality. This is a jewel of a book that you will open time and time again for reference and solace during this era of great uncertainty and discord on the planet.”
—Robin Mastro, Co-author of Altars of Power & Grace, The Way of Vastu, and Making Room for Mr. Right


“What LD offers in this beautifully written book is a simple, yet profound, path to peace. In a world that is spiraling out of control, LD’s words bring comfort to the heart and a wisdom that inspires us to embrace the God within.”
—Rob Spears & Brenda Michaels, Hosts of “Conscious Talk” Radio Show


“Simple, profound, and moving! The author has been given a gift... a beautiful way to distill the essence of life into an easy-to-read set of truths, with wonderful examples along the way. Listen... for that’s how it all starts.”
—Lee Carroll, Author, Kryon series; co-author, The Indigo Children


“LD Thompson’s book The Message: A Guide to Being Human is a remarkable achievement. It is more than a guide to being human — it is a deeply felt and wise journey into the inner-most reaches of the soul. The voice of the sage Solano, as told through the author, resonates with simple good sense and quiet authority. I was truly moved by this book. As a manual for lifemanship in the 21st century, The Message cannot be bettered.”
—Judy Corbett, Author of Castles in the Air and Envy


“Just sitting with my soul is one of the many enlightening instructions in The Message: A Guide to Being Human. This well laid-out soul master plan comes with a student, LD. His stories reveal his reverence and humility as the pupil and vessel of the messages.”
—Joan Ranquet, Author of The Communication With All Life


The Message: A Guide to Being Human is relevant, hopeful, smart, and inarguable.”
—Nancy Lee Grahn, Actress - General Hospital


“This is a wonderful book with a clear and beautiful message on how to be authentic and truly live from a place of inner peace and grace. A treasure, especially for these times.”
—Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, Author of Health Is Your Birthright