Sophia: The Feminine Face of God: Nine Heart Paths to Healing and Abundance



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Karen Speerstra
Publication Date
August 1, 2011
6 x 9 inches
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The Divine Mother is showing herself again…

As the world experiences greater and greater challenges everywhere we turn, respect and love for the feminine is growing faster than ever. After centuries of being hidden and repressed, the Divine Feminine (a.k.a., Great Mother, Holy Spirit, Sophia) is showing herself again and offers her age-old but ever-new wisdom for spiritual growth and healing. Sophia — The Feminine Face of God is about how Sophia enlightens, strengthens, and illuminates… how she calms and excites, befriends, and nurtures.


About the author

Karen Speerstra is the co-author of Hunab Ku and Our Day to End Poverty and the author of Divine Sparks, Questions Writers Ask, The Earthshapers, and The Green Devotional. She supports and coaches other writers through her company, Sophia-Serve (



2013 Nautilus Award: Gold



“Karen Speerstra takes us on a journey of the mind and heart through history, psychology, myth, archeology and architecture; through the width and breadth of time and culture. She finds Sophia wherever she turns, in us, in life, in death, in the past, and in our hopes for the future. Hers is a tapestry of words that would have made weavers of the ages proud.”
— Craig S. Barnes, author, In Search of the Lost Feminine: Decoding the Myths That Radically Reshaped Civilization


“May this book be wrapped in white light and fly through inner and outer space into the hearts of all who are open. Allah knows, it is time for something new on planet earth, which will not be born of an old way of thinking.”
— Barbara Cecil-Coffman, leader of international women’s leadership programs (


“Karen Speerstra’s Sophia is not an abstract idea or a metaphor. She is a living spirit who, in the words of C. S. Lewis, ‘invades’ our earthly domain — in the very best sense of that word. Weaving stories of her own experience with historical threads reaching far and wide, Ms. Speerstra shows us how to access this profoundly wise feminine spirit; or more accurately, she teaches us how to open our hearts to Sophia’s wondrous potential influence on our lives.”
— Carol Frenier, author, Business and the Feminine Principle


“Every day, I work with decent and powerful women and men who aspire to bring good things into the world. They also long to be true to themselves. There’s no shortage of theories, methods and tools, yet so little wisdom. In Sophia, Karen Speerstra reminds us that we are not alone. Like an experienced travel guide, she elegantly describes ancient and reliable paths to reconnect with the wisdom that’s already inside each of us, and waiting for us at every turn. The key, however, is to “stay awake.” Reading this book woke me from my own trance. As a result, I found myself much clearer about what really matters, breathing more deeply, and centered in the wisdom that flows through my heart. Read Sophia, and as Karen says, ‘snuggle up, settle down and smile.’”
— Mitch Saunders, founder & director, The CEO Studio


“Wow! Makes me want to hang up my other work and just read this all the day! Karen Speerstra’s book is nothing less than an uncovering of the face of God. Intricate and at times poignant, Sophia turns complex and sophisticated theologies into tracings of experiences across cultures, faiths, and time. You will come away from this reading satisfied and also curious, with a new understanding of ‘minding your Mother’ and a desire to know and experience much more of this God.”
— Susan Ohlidal, Canon for Ministry Development, The Episcopal Church in Vermont


“In mythology, folklore, and varied spiritual traditions, Sophia has been the one to lead us to wisdom. Called by different names and appearing in different dress, she beckons us to follow her and recognize ourselves in her reflection. Karen Speerstra’s Sophia is a loving embrace of her essence, an invitation to make known the invisible, receptive, vital, and passionate energies that lie within each of us. Karen follows the golden thread and brings Sophia more clearly and urgently back into our collective Sophia-consciousness — timeless, and urgently needed in today’s world. I highly recommend this book.”
— Alan Briskin, Ph.D., co-author, The Power of Collective Wisdom, Daily Miracles; author, The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace


“Beginning with her introductory voice, the author offers a veritable cornucopia of insights into, and images of, the Eternal Feminine Wisdom-figure Sophia (of Proverbs fame) in a 9-fold ‘nonagram’ chapter arrangement. Speerstra has called up an amazing spectrum of relevant scientific and historical concepts that range from the Pythagorean triangle, Grimm’s fairy tales, Harry Potter’s adventures, to Greek/Babylonian mythology. Who knew to link Whale-songs and Cosmic Hen-nests in her chapter on creation? Her self-confrontation with her cancer diagnosis in Chapter 5 is astounding. I can see this used in book clubs as well as in spiritual direction sessions.”
— Joanna B. Gillespie, historian, Women’s Studies


“A big-hearted book, luminous in spirit and generous with its wisdom, like Sophia herself. Open it whenever your soul says ‘Feed me.’”
— Sara Tucker, author, Our House in Arusha


“Speerstra’s examples of the Sophia spirit in our world, and indeed across the ages from early human history, range from engaging tales from her own experience to profound stories that embody the strength of the feminine spirit borne in our hearts, in our relationships, and in our world. Her dialogue with us, the readers, is vibrant, alive, and illuminating as we seek our own way to Sophia wisdom. It’s an elegant, wise and wonderful book.”
— Julia Blackbourn, artist


“A delicious book! Karen Speerstra has brought Sophia to life. Sophia, breath, Shekinah, Spirit, poetry, beauty, wisdom, love, intuition, sensuality, creativity, female knowing and strength burst forth through Karen’s elegant writing and knowledge. I felt as though I was in the presence of the Divine Feminine while reading this thoroughly researched and inspiring book.”
— Cheryl Anne Gilman, author, Doing Work You Love: Discovering Your Purpose, Realizing Your Dreams


“Karen Speerstra shows us most compellingly that when we open our hearts, we can discover the wisdom of the Feminine to be all around us. Alas, the way we have been in the world has often confronted us with overwhelming problems and life can become an endless struggle. Karen reveals that the simplicity of Sophia’s understanding presence is the antidote to all this, leading to the deepest sense of hope and healing. A totally refreshing exploration, and beautifully researched read.”
— Michael Cecil, author, Living at the Heart of Creation


“I first learned of Sophia when I immersed myself in experiencing Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, one artist’s testimonial to the feminine. Speerstra’s book, Sophia, certainly expands and enhances an exploration of wisdom and how it appears in our daily life and in the universe. Karen has once again written a book that takes her extensive and eclectic knowledge and reorganizes it around a central concept: this time, Sophia. But this book isn’t just about knowledge, it’s about reflecting and connecting that knowledge with the heart. And isn’t that where it all begins ... and ends?”
— Genevieve Brandt Kirchman, trainer & mentor, Tribes Learning Communities


Sophia — The Feminine Face of God reminds readers of the unconditional love and healing awaiting us. After being diagnosed with MS, I was comforted by this book and the knowledge that Sophia is with us always, waiting for us to integrate her into our lives and accept her gifts. By finding Sophia within ourselves, we are co-creators who have the opportunity to share her healing, love and abundance with ourselves and the world. A wonderful read. A wonderful message.”
— Ann Garrity, founder, (online health website for women)


“Wrap yourself in Karen’s magical Sophia-cloak and travel through space and time to the many hidden faces of the Divine Feminine. With her genius for treasure hunting, Karen has gathered jewels from every tradition and woven them together with rainbow threads from her own Sophia-inspired meditations. The result is not only a dazzling work of intellectual creativity, but a direct initiation into the cosmic Oneness underlying all divisions. Here is a spirituality that can reconnect us with the Wisdom needed to heal our wounded planet.”
— Sharon Bauer, psychotherapist & women’s spirituality teacher