Free Your Mind: A Meditation Guide to Freedom and Happiness



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Ajay Kapoor
Publication Date
May 12, 2015
5.5” x 8”
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A step-by-step meditation guide to happiness and freedom.

Happiness and fulfillment reside within ourselves and we only need to remove the layers of restlessness and conditioning to realize this truth. After several years of practicing meditation and interacting with thousands of students from all over the globe, Ajay Kapoor developed his Z Meditation Technique. Free Your Mind offers the essence of his understanding of the mind and the way to attain lasting happiness.


About the author

Ajay Kapoor was born in New Delhi and followed the teachings of Ramakrishna before developing his own meditation style, Z Meditation. In 1995 he founded the Z Meditation Center in Dharamsala. He offers retreats and workshops to thousands of students around the world and lives in Dharamsala, India.



"Free Your Mind" goes beyond today's fashionable mindfulness movement by using our thinking, rather than simply noting it. Kapoor carefully shows us how to use our minds to break down our mental conditioning and become truly free.
— Franz Metcalf, author of What Would Buddha Do?

"An intelligent book with many concrete examples and unique perspectives on the internal development on the road to freedom, that will be helpful for anyone on a spiritual path."
— Annabelle Zinser, author of Small Bites, Mindfulness For Everyday Use

"Ajay Kapoor's new book, Free Your Mind, is both a good read and a practical tool for those who are new to meditation. And it offers insights for the more seasoned meditator as well. "
— Glenn Mullin, Author, Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas

"Free Your Mind offers an interesting set of guidelines for exploring and understanding the nature and potentials of your mind. "
— Joel Levey, Author, Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World

Free Your Mind is a clever and insightful book that deftly dodges traps of philosophy, and instead guides the reader directly into their own experience. Ajay Kapor lays out the book in a beautifully linear, accessible manner, so that the reader is taken by the hand and led, with care and clarity, to the very heart of their own Awakened Mind.
— Keith Martin-Smith, author of A Heart Blown Open