LIVING BEYOND THE FIVE SENSES: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being



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Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD
Publication Date
1 December 2014
5.25” x 8”
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A roadmap to the next evolutionary phase — the era of the Spiritual Human — aimed at those who want to consciously grow toward living a more peaceful and enriching life.

Mankind is on the threshold of the next evolutionary phase — the era of the Spiritual Human. In Living Beyond the Five Senses Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD, describes the processes of how this transformation will unfold. The recognition of any desire for change that we may feel on the inside, is already a first indication of the dawning of a new era. By embracing these feelings either within or outside a religious context, we will be able to gradually transform into a new spiritual being. Aimed at readers familiar with the writings of Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer, this book is written for those who want to grow consciously toward living a more peaceful and enriching life. Whether you are already undergoing major change — physically, psychologically, or spiritually — or seeking to change relationships, jobs, or living conditions, Living Beyond the Five Senses marks the pathway to a new and enriched life.


About the author

Teresa L. DeCicco is an expert in psychology of the spiritual self and the fields of dreams and dreaming. She has presented her work in lectures throughout the world and on television and radio programs. She lives in Newcastle, Ontario.




Teresa DeCicco articulates clearly and eloquently the age-old exploration of transformation, spirituality, and religion from an insider’s perspective: as a woman who’s experienced the richness of life beyond the five senses.”
Lisa Wimberger, author of New Beliefs, New Brain