Writing from the Inside Out: The Practice of Free-Form Writing



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Stephen Lloyd Webber
Publication Date
March 1, 2013
6 x 9 inches
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True creativity flows continually throughout life, breaking free of form.


STEPHEN LLOYD WEBBER shares how creative writing can be a path for self-realization. Find in this book a philosophy for overcoming and living free of productivity blocks caused by negative self-talk, stress, and lack of clarity.


About the author

STEPHEN LLOYD WEBBER earned an MFA in poetry from New Mexico State University and founded Wellness and Writing Immersion Retreats, teaching several yoga and writing intensives each year in Italy, Bali, and the Caribbean. His essays, fiction, poetry, and book reviews have appeared in numerous literary magazines. He has studied yoga in the Pranakriya/Kripalu tradition under Yoganand Michael Carroll. Learn more at SummerWritingRetreat.com.



“Reading Writing From the Inside Out is like bathing in a sea of words that connect with your soul and make you understand the true meaning behind what poetry is. This book is a stunning peek into the author’s mind and heart as he shares and explores the life experiences he’s had that contribute to his unique gift. Stephen takes you on a journey of what it is to write, what goes into the practice, the parallels between writing and yoga, the meditative approach, the idea of action, outlining your book, moving through and embracing the ego, and all along the way discovering your truth in the process. Absorbing the lessons in this book will add a dimension to your creative practice and make you a much stronger writer in the process.”
— Jen Grisanti, author: Story Line and Change Your Story, Change Your Life


“I urge others to write from the heart to find their true artistic voice. Here is a book that profoundly helps one explore that mysterious personal journey. A navigation guide to our inner creative magic.”
— Pen Densham, author: Riding the Alligator; screenwriter: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


“If you wish to learn the ‘attentiveness’ that Thoreau and Emerson felt was the essential quality of the writer, read Stephen Webber’s breakthrough book, Writing From the Inside Out. Webber, a bold thinker and a searching, unconventional teacher of creative writing, gives you unique opportunities to significantly alter your processes of composing and revising every aspect of your work.”
— Kevin McIlvoy, author: The Complete History of New Mexico & Other Stories


“Somewhere inside this quietly-stocked storehouse of reflection and anecdotes, of sound advice and exercises, I found myself involuntarily re-centered — my crossed wires came gently uncrossed — the act of writing (and reading, and breathing) took on a freshness I’d forgotten. Webber likens the art of making art to ‘meditation in the midst of action.’ That’s a mighty fine description of this truly helpful book.”
— Joseph Scapellato, writer and teacher


“In Writing From the Inside Out, Webber reminds us that any and all pursuits such as yoga and writing are all a reach for realizing The One, and that all worldly pursuits seek what is beyond ourselves.”
— Catherine Ann Jones, author of The Way of Story and Heal Your Self with Writing


“There are many frothy writing books. Writing From the Inside Out certainly is not one of them. Stephen Lloyd Webber’s writing is charged, energetic. His chapters are surprisingly titled, his exercises fresh and inviting. As a writer and yoga practitioner, he brings new meaning to ‘the body and mind are one.’ Yoga and writing both require sustained attention and in this book Webber has paid very close attention. The language is poetic — ‘garden-fresh’ as he says in talking about what happens in the moment of creation. ‘A Life With Poetry at its Center’ is a chapter that calls all of us writers back to what we may have forgotten, if we ever knew it: ‘poetry is the ethical stewardship of ideas.’ There are two kinds of structure, he writes: supportive and musical. Webber’s book has both. It’s tight without being skeletal, robust without being overblown, and well worth every writer’s attention.”
— Karen Speerstra, author: Sophia: The Feminine Face of God and Color: The Language of Light