Alexander George Ward, creator of Ayahuasca Jungle Visions: A Coloring Book recently took part in a live podcast with Third Eye Drops.

Starting off with a live podcast conversation between Third Eye Drops and Alexander, it proceeded to be a series of live videos where Alexander painted a page from his book, where people could watch live and join in the conversation.

Over a couple week period, Alexander hosted 4 livestream events (each 4 hours) at the Third Eye Drops headquarters. The total views between the 4 Live videos was a whopping 87k views and it was fun interaction between artist and viewers.

Alexander has edited 3 separate videos from these livestream events. The first video is the podcast section of the live videos (and some painting) The second video is a time-lapse of the entire painting, with extra narration talking about the themes of the painting. The third video is a segment of the live videos, where Alexander read passages from his journal, written whilst he lived in the Jungle with Ayahuasca. 

Video 1: The Podcast Conversation

Video 2: The Full Narrated Painting Timelapse

Video 3: Illustrated Ayahuasca Journal Reading

For a limited time you can order artwork like this from Alexander's store with a 25% discount for art prints (excludes original paintings) using the coupon code: friendsofaya

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If however you're keen enough to watch the original Live Videos in their entirety... Here they are also!





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Alexander Ward here; I recorded a 3 part series LIVE on Facebook of myself painting a page from my book 'Ayahuasca Jungle Visions A Coloring Book'.

In these live videos, people could tune in live and ask questions and join the conversation as painted, some even offering suggestions on what colors to use.

The first 2 live videos I recorded on my smartphone, but in the 2rd and final live video I figured out how to record from my computer and managed to get a great 2 camera system working.


The Beginning

I printed out a large edition of a page from my book 'Ayahuasca Jungle Visions A Coloring Book' to paint live on Facebook.

1st Part

Recorded Mon 10 Oct

2nd Part

Recorded Mon 17 Oct

3rd Part

Recorded Mon 24 Oct

The finished painting.


Thanks to all who tuned in live! I had a lot of fun painting with you all. Let's do it again sometime!
Sorry to those who missed out on the prizes, I appreciate all the support and shares. You can pick up a copy of the book online still. Over at:

Until then, Peace!

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Artist & Illustrator of AYAHUASCA JUNGLE VISIONS has been breaking new ground in his experimentations with live events on Facebook.

Join him this Monday Oct 29 as he broadcasts LIVE on Facebook as he paints and takes part in a live Q&A about his art.

Join the Event page:

In this 3rd final part of his live video series, he will finish the painting and give it away to one lucky LIVE viewer.


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With Alex Kerten, founder of Gyro-Kinetics, and Parkinson's treatment master in Tzuqim in the Israeli desert.

Highly recommended as we published his book!

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Our table at the great Sumiruna Conference in Romania.

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A look back at a work in progress image. Taking the earlier super rough sketch and creating a more defined sketch over the top.

Ayahuasca Jungle Visions: A Coloring Book is available NOW.

Order via our website or via Amazon.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

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We couldn't be more excited: Reality Sandwich excerpted the chapter 'The Otac Experience: Fusing Reality and Fantasy' from Dr. Octavio Rettig's new book 'The Toad of Dawn'. 
The excerpt includes a direct link to the Divine Arts website where the book can be had at 25% off:

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