Our Mission

Celebrating the sacred in everyday life.   

Divine Arts was founded to share some of the new and ancient knowledge that is rapidly emerging from the scientific, indigenous, and wisdom cultures of the world, and to present new voices that express eternal truths in innovative, accessible ways.

Although the Earth appears to be in a dark state of affairs, we have realized from the shifts in our own consciousness that millions of beings are seeking and finding a new and optimistic understanding of the nature of reality; and we are committed to sharing their evolving insights.

Our esteemed authors, masters and teachers from around the world, have come together from all spiritual practices to create Divine Arts books. Our unity comes in celebrating the sacredness of life and in having the intention that our work will assist in raising human consciousness and benefiting all sentient beings.

We trust that our work will serve you, and we welcome your feedback.

Onward and upward, 
Michael Wiese, Publisher