Exercises to Alleviate Parkinson's Symptoms

Your fifth stop on the road to alleviating Parkinson’s symptoms is a 30-minute exercise video.

Our guide today is Michael Wiese, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s ten years ago. Several treatments failed; only when he met Alex Kerten in Israel did he make a significant breakthrough. Alex has worked with Parkinson’s clients for thirty years, employing a synthesis of dance therapy, behavior modification, and martial arts. He applied his experience to Michael’s Parkinson’s. After working with Alex, Michael was able to ease 40–60% of his symptoms. Michael has since developed exercises based on techniques that he found valuable and wanted to share with other PD sufferers.

Watch the video below.

Try integrating these exercises into your daily routine, keep up the practice, and see how these techniques can help alleviate your Parkinson’s symptoms. We’ll send another email with more insights in a few days.


This video will remain free for you during this program. If you would like a downloadable copy of this exercise video, you may purchase a copy HERE.