Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life! Testimonials.

Since the release of 'Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life!' in December 2015, we have received a wealth of positive feedback on how these techniques have benefitted people's lives and reduce their PD symptoms. Here is a selection of our favorite first-hand accounts sent to us.


"The author has given me a whole new perspective on how to manage PD symptoms. I no longer feel like a victim but a person in charge of my health. The techniques that the author prescribes to minimize symptoms are very powerful, and yet, very simple to implement. This is one of the best books I have read regarding Parkinson’s disease because the author demonstrates how proper breathing, dancing, singing, and music are just some of the remedies to minimize Parkinson symptoms. I feel that I am on the road to recovery by practicing these techniques every day. Thank you Alex Kerten For sharing your techniques and writing this book."






P. Barnes

"I lead a Parkinson's Support group and have several more recently diagnosed PD patients. This book inspired them to either start or keep up with the exercise they are doing. I loved his use of music in exercise, even for wheelchair-bound patients. Directing motion with recorded music is a great exercise for arms. Our group directed Pomp and Circumstance together in honor of the grandchildren of our support group members who are graduating this year. This book is lots of fun and a true winner in my experience!"



"If you or a love one has PD please read this book. Both my husband and I have read it (he is the one with PD). Now we must start the program! I think it will benefit both of us to do these exercises to music. We need to commit!!"



G. Overton 

"I can attest that Michael has improved tremendously since the day he was diagnosed! His persistence and discipline and mental attitude have paid off! Knowing that you can have some control over the disease is the first step in improving the symptoms and enjoying a better quality of life! It has been a bit of a miracle, really, compared to what we were initially told to expect! Enjoy the video and do the exercises! Investigate everything, do your homework!"



J. Cusens

"I am 69 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson's 9 months ago. I was very depressed for the first 6 months. Then I acquired  'Goodbye Parkinsons, Hello Life!', and I have a new outlook towards my coming years. I feel more confident and my future looks so much brighter. When I meet people I am not so afraid to speak, and have started to enjoy my life again.
I still have a long way to go but am confident I will improve more. The book has become my Bible, I read the book a number of times, but now I read 10 to 20 pages per day. There is a lot to absorb in the book, however, Alex explains the logic behind his recommendations and why they work.
A highly recommendable book, and a must for all who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's."



T. Rancatore

"I love the way Alex Kerten describes his clients as healthy people that happen to have Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s almost 4 years ago and exercise has become a very important part of my life. I believe it helps me to stay more mobile. Alex’s methods provided me with different forms of body movement. Parkinson’s is a constant battle and books like Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello Life provide hope that someday this war will be won."



B. Stevens

"Here is how great this therapy is! I went to my doctor today and after only a few weeks my symptoms have been reduced by 50%. I was talking with the doctor and he had me start the normal neurological test (tapping fingers, tapping toes, stomping my foot) and then he said your symptoms are HALF of what they were. What are you doing? And I told him, the only change I made was to start using the new things I learned in the book.

I am very pleased with the results."


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