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Those brave enough to drink ayahuasca will meet spirits and have visions of other worlds and realms. Peruvian shaman use this visionary plant brew as part of a dieta—a retreat in the jungle—where they receive insights on healing. Through the auspices of Peruvian shaman Don José Campos, filmmaker Michael Wiese undertakes a 10-day dieta and shares his extraordinary experience in this video diary-style documentary film.


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About the author
Over the last five years, Michael Wiese, filmmaker and publisher, has been making a series of personal ‘sacred journeys’ documentaries, not only in his own search for healing and wholeness, but as an exploration of the spirit world. Through these films, he brings us along on his journeys.
Learn more in the companion book to the film, written by internationally respected Peruvian shaman Don José Campos, as he introduces the practices and benefits of Ayahuasca, the psychoactive plant brew that, according to the latest finds, has been used for healing by Amazonian shamans for as long as 70,000 years.

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