Onward & Upward: Reflections of a Joyful Life - Free eBook

In celebration of my 70th Birthday today, I'm offering a free eBook download of my memoir, 'Onward & Upward: Reflections of a Joyful Life'.


- Michael Wiese.


By always testing the limits, a young Michael had a yearning to understand “the secret of life” and began to “see things worth seeing.” During the turbulent ‘60’s in San Francisco he makes his first films exploring his inner world. Later, under the pressure to support a family, he moves to New York and lands “real jobs” in the entertainment industry. But while climbing the corporate ladder, he loses his footing on the spiritual path. With guidance from his mentors, friends, and wife, he regains his sense of purpose, which brings him today into the most productive and satisfying period of his life. This book is a record of that journey and of those things that are important to creating a contented life.

Since its release, his book has garnered a Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner for “Best Biographies and Memoirs”, a Gold COVR Award, and has 48 5-star reviews on Amazon. Read it and prosper!


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