Sep 13, 2016

“Energy Warriors, by Bob Ellal and Master Lawrence Tan, is a tremendous look into the experience of a four-time cancer survivor (Ellal) and his personal experiences in surviving one of the modern world’s most dreaded diseases with the aid of Qigong. Ellal writes about his innermost feelings as a cancer patient and the private battles fought in the hearts of his family. His story does not mince words about the suffering associated with the disease, but it also shines an unflinching light of hope on the future for cancer patients through Qigong. Tan, a well-schooled martial artist with decades of teaching experience, takes the second part of the text and fleshes out the energetic exercises of Qigong in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion for the reader. Starting with the most fundamental aspects of Qigong (breath, posture, and intent), he goes on to teach the reader how to apply those fundamentals in other Qigong routines. This singular text gives you an insight into what may be one of the most powerful ancient tools in combating a modern-day scourge.”
— Dr. Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., FMS, TRX Sports Med, Sr RKC

“In a world where polarization between mind and body is the toxic norm, Energy Warriors shatters our misperceptions and compellingly draws us into the holy middle place of healing. The combination of Ellal’s extraordinary true story and Master Tan’s depth of knowledge about the relationship between martial arts and wellness makes for a unique and important contribution to the growing body of literature about holistic thinking and living.”
— Jean Benedict Raffa, author: Healing the Sacred Divide, The Bridge to Wholeness, Dream Theatres of the Soul

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