Incredible Life Forms: A Coloring Book | Page Time-lapse 02

Oct 02, 2016

Come check out a new Coloring Time-lapse from a page out of our new Coloring Book 'Incredible Life Forms' - AVAILABLE NOW at 25% Discount:

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Book Description:
Enter the wonderful and mysterious world of the oceans and color your way to new discoveries as did Ernst Haeckel, a biologist, naturalist, and artist, who in the late 1800th century studied and illustrated thousands of new species. His extraordinary artwork includes over 100 detailed illustrations, some of which have been published by Dover Publications in Art Forms in Nature from which the illustrations in this book have been licensed.
These 50 exotic drawings taken from a collection of the original 100 lithographic plates show a multitude of beautiful and exotic life forms each one more marvelous than the last; jellyfish, starfish, sea slugs, star coral and many others.
The spectacular drawings need coloring to bring them to life! The drawings allow bringing one’s own sense of color and vibrancy to the forms and, at the same time, discovering the deep and penetrating realization that all life is one.

Music - Spheria - Otjánbird Pt. IV