Ralph White The Jewelled Highway

Oct 05, 2016

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Filled with beauty, transcendence and vitality, The Jeweled Highway is a new story for our time by a pioneer of the consciousness movement. Ralph White’s memoir takes us on a quest for a life of meaning and the many ways he found to share its secrets with others. It traces the life of someone who unexpectedly embarks on a spiritual quest into a new world view, experiences an opening to the mystical, and steps into a life dedicated to the creation of a more sacred and ecological culture. An adventurous story of a life at the forefront of a deep cultural shift, it takes the reader from childhood in the Celtic world, through adolescence in gritty Northern England, down Route 66, hitchhiking to Maccu Picchu, crossing the Eastern Himalayas into Tibet, and the creation of new centers of holistic wisdom in America. Readers gain an insider’s knowledge of the origins of major centers of holistic learning like Findhorn in Scotland and the NY Open Center, and why they serve as necessary focal points for the emergence of greater sanity, wisdom and awareness in the world. From the remote Welsh shoreline to the demanding streets of New York City, this gripping quest is told with honesty, verve and spiritual insight.