Ayahuasca: Rituals, Potions and Visionary Art from the Amazon



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November 29, 2016
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The most complete and in-depth book of the entire experience of Ayahuasca. 


"Interest in Ayahuasca has grown tremendously in recent years. The need for good information on this sacred medicine is greater than ever. 
With this in mind, we created the ultimate resource on Ayahuasca."



Ayahuasca is the strongest of the plant medicines used by shamans. When brewed from a vine and a leaf, the potion creates awe-inspiring visual and mental effects. 

For many tribes, ayahuasca is the basis for creating and sustaining their culture. Ayahuasca reveals to mankind its role in the universe and the true nature of reality. When used properly, ayahuasca provides healing, leads to personally meaningful visions, and stimulates the creative process. 

The authors are leading authorities in the field of ethnology, anthropology, and pharmacology, and demonstrate the use of ayahuasca in shamanic rituals.

They dive deep into shamanic visionary worlds, explore the plants, and their own souls, and share their encounters with Amazonian cultures and their artistic works.

This is an authoritative and comprehensive treatise on the use, history, culture, and art of the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca.



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About the authors


The Ayahuasa experience is so big, so grand, so out of our ordinary experience, that it has taken three international experts to scratch the surface of this profound phenomena.

Arno Adelaars lives in Amsterdam and explored psychedelic substances for over 20 years. He works as a freelance journalist and author, and previously as a reporter for Dutch and German news channels. He wrote the very first book in Europe on MDMA (Ecstasy) in 1991, and was initiated by a Colombian ayahuasca shaman in his tradition eight years ago. He regularly contributes to various magazines and was a co-organizer of the ' Psychoactivity' conference in Amsterdam and continues to organize various psychoactivity events in Europe and Nepal together with Claudia Muller-Ebeling.



Claudia Muller-Ebeling, Ph.D., is an art historian and anthropologist and coauthor, with Christian Ratsch, of "Shamanism and Tantra in the Himalayas", "Witchcraft Medicine", and "Pagan Christmas". She lives in Hamburg, Germany.



Christian Ratsch, is an Ethnologist and Ethnopharmacologist, speaker, and author. He studies shamanic cultures and their use of psychoactive plants worldwide since many years. He wrote a number of books, among others the Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants the standard work for the psychoactive ethnobotanical field now in its 12th reprint (original German edition).






Praise for the book.


“This book by three renowned European authors is a welcome addition to the growing literature on ayahuasca: it is well researched, multi­ disciplinary, and a pleasure to read.”
—Jeremy Narby, author of
The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge.


“An extraordinary covey of shamanic knowledge coming together to put their many years of wisdom together, this is sure to be a best seller and a reference book for your library. Exquisite!”
—Alan Shoemaker, author of
Ayahuasca Medicine: The Shamanic World of Sacred Amazonian Plant Healing.


“Ayahuasca... this is my medicine world. It is where my songs are powered — the curatives restoring people to their own wholeness. The authors are clearly talking about my spirit friend, giving details and descriptions and ways for others to learn of the most powerful medicine known to this world. This book will be of great help to many seekers.”

—Maestro shaman Richard Down, author of “The Song: Shamanic Story and Sound Journey,” Gateway to the Heart CD.


“This book is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to dive deeper in understanding this shamanic magic potion. What a richness this book contains, being written by three authors with an interdisciplinary approach. A must­read!”

—Yama Voorhorst, plant medicine guide, tantrica and womb wisdom keeper; www.actwild.nl


“A compelling work due to the enormous wealth of experience and knowledge of its three authors. It is penetrated by the authors’ deep insight into the practical experience with the plants. It is without exag­ geration the best and most comprehensive book on the subject.”

—Chela Review


“Three competent writers provide an excellent three­part overview of the world of ayahuasca. A glossary, a very good bibliography, and a small discography complete this highly recommended book.”



“When properly used, ayahuasca reveals the true reality, is important for healing and health, and promotes visionary creative activity. This book is very well structured and the highly competent team of authors — all specialists in their elds —presents the downright hot topic with scien­ ti c detachment and objectivity.”

—Roland Ny eler, coauthor of the Himalayas


“The ideas, thoughts, and research presented in this work have been well presented for both the uninitiated or the experienced. Covering the ethnobotanical, visionary, and ritual uses gives a great overview of what ayahuasca is and is not. Plant medicines can be a rabbit hole of exploration and healing for the mind, body, and soul. Traditional uses for thousands of years have brought us to the modern age and now more than ever perhaps is the time ayahuasca and other plant allies are needed the most.”

—Jason Abbott, Host of The Intellectual Gentleman’s Club Podcast, http://intellectualgentlemensclub.com