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In June, The New York Times featured an article about Ayahuasca on the front page of the "Sunday Styles" section. In the same month, Scientific American and Marie Claire ran feature articles. It has also been highlighted in episodes of the TV shows Weeds and Nip/Tuck, and in  films like Wanderlust. Musicians and actors, including Sting, Paul Simon, and Tori Amos, have also been championing Ayahuasca's therapeutic benefits.


There is no question; Ayahuasca, an Amazonian plant medicine noted for its visionary and healing properties, is in the forefront of the news. Its ceremonial use has caught on in the West and the brew has become exceedingly popular.


When Divine Arts published its seminal book, The Shaman & Ayahuasca, the plant brew was known to only a few insiders. The book has now become the best selling title in our publishing history. Amidst all the recent publicity, Divine Arts is committed to advocating the safe, responsible and legal use of Ayahuasca which, when used under the guidance of an authentic and experienced shaman, can increase our compassion, connectedness, and spirituality.


Therefore, for our special friends who subscribe to the Divine Arts newsletter, we are offering you this Ayahuasca collection of films, a book and music, which includes:


  • The Shaman & Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms, a  book by Don Jose Campos. Winner of a Nautilus "Gold" Award
  • The Shaman & Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms (DVD),  featuring Don Jose Campos and Pablo Amaringo. Winner of "Best Documentary Film" at the Albuquerque Film Festival.
  • Living With Spirits: 10 Days in the Jungle with Ayahuasca (DVD), A video diary of an Ayahuasca 'dieta' with Michael Wiese
  • Artur Mena: The Shaman & Ayahuasca, a music CD featuring the songs of Artur Mena, recorded in the ambience of the Amazon jungle of Peru and heard in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

We are offering this for $24.95. Plus shipping.